The biomedical industry has huge space

- Jun 12,2017 -

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter / Niu Siyuan Tang Zikai Wang Shizhen) The 7th China Medical Industry Summit Forum co-sponsored by Guangdong Medical Valley Joint Sharing Investment, China Venture Industry Research Institute, Guanxi Biological and Guangzhou Buster Exhibition in March Held in Guangzhou on the 31st, the conference focused on the latest policies of the medical industry and shared the development of medical technology platforms. Among them, research progress in cancer diagnosis and anticancer drugs and precision medical technology have attracted much attention.

Shu Yuan, vice chairman of the board of directors of Lingnan College of Sun Yat-Sen University and chairman of Zhongda Venture Capital, said in the forum that the Chinese economy in 2016 faces multiple challenges. On the one hand, traditional enterprises are more difficult, on the other hand, new industries, new formats, new technologies, new Business models are constantly emerging. China’s medical insurance coverage continues to expand, and aging is accelerating the development of the medical industry. The “Healthy China Strategy” will bring unlimited opportunities for the development of the medical industry.

With the development of precision medicine, oncology drugs and blood system diseases will continue to be the most concentrated disease areas for breakthrough therapeutic drugs in the future, and there is huge imagination in biological 3D printing technology. With the help of policy support, the bio-pharmaceutical industry will usher in a golden period of development, and each segment is expected to take the lead.

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