Polysaccharide separation and purification system

- Oct 18,2018 -

In the process of purifying synthetic organic compounds, the most important considerations are separation and recovery. In our experience, the system meets our highest expectations. ELSD detectors are very useful when purifying compounds that do not have UV absorption.
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Innovative solutions for research applications by experienced scientists from the Reveleris® Holographic Rapid Purification Chromatography System ELSD (Evaporative Light Scattering Detector) in the pharmaceutical, life sciences and related industries with materials science expertise, detection technology and separation science experience.

Passed certification
ISO 9001:2008?ISO 13485 (Medical Equipment) IPEC-PQG GMP (Excipient) FDA 21 CFR 820 (Medical Equipment) ? The only QMS certification in the world to obtain excipient GMP issued by IPEA Inc. (Curtis Bay, Maryland)

Production Process
LEAN Six Sigma® Training Change Management Integration The EHS System Responsible Care Management System® training meets the REACH, RoHS, and WEEE directives to meet regulatory requirements for control and specifications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Purification goals and advantages
Detect all compounds in the mixture
Faster purification, protect samples, achieve high purity, maximize sample recovery, faster, but simple, never sacrifice any samples, reduce consumables, solvent and waste costs, work in a flexible way, better separation efficiency higher

Limitations of traditional flash chromatography with only UV detection
The UV absorption coefficient of each compound is different, the spectrum cannot reflect the true composition of the sample, the compound without UV absorption can not be detected, it is not suitable for the target without UV absorption, the impurity without UV absorption can not be seen, and the solvent selection is limited. , requires extra work and is inefficient in purification. Only the traditional purification process triggered by the UV detection signal increases the waiting and repeating time. This product is designed to solve this problem.
Detection techniques identify more compounds and are capable of combined fraction triggering. ELSD and RevealXTM detection technology for solvents with UV absorption
In general flash use, solvents with UV absorption often interfere with detection and collection. Reduce evaporation and re-dissolution, avoid sample dissolution and increase resolution, and avoid interference with target compounds. This problem has also been solved.

Detection technology minimizes sample loss
What is the value of your sample geometry? Can you afford the loss?
Since ELSD is a destructive detector, all ELSD-containing samples are lost.
Holographic Rapid Purification Chromatography System only dispenses 30 or 50 μL/min (depending on sensitivity) of the eluent
Flow to ELSD.
Using a 12g column with a flow rate of 36mL/min, at least 99.8% of valuable compounds will be collected.
Under the same conditions, other manufacturers’ ELSDs need to divert at least 750 uL/min of eluent to the ELSD, which means more than 2% of the sample is lost.
With a 4g column at a flow rate of 18mL/min, if you don’t use the Reveleris® X2 hologram for fast purification
In the case of a spectral system, more than 4% of the sample will be lost.
RevealXTM detection technology makes the purification process more efficient
Detect more components from the crude sample, not only find more sample information, but also save more time to do more valuable work, detection technology reduces waste at every stage of the purification process

widely used
Designed for chemists who use automated flash chromatography to purify: chemically synthesized compounds or natural extracts. Typical applications include: chemical synthesis of compounds or natural extraction:
Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceuticals, CRO/CMO, pesticides, government laboratories and academia, forensic science, natural products / phytochemical foods / spices, radiochemistry, tobacco, etc. The holographic fast purification chromatography system is flexible and can be used in many collars.

Grace® Reveleris® Flash Columns Deliver Better Performance
High sample loading, improve purification and reduce costs
Robust and efficient filling technology for better peak shape and better separation
Better separation of the column, ensuring the collection of higher purity fractions and avoiding the collection of inefficient fractions
Excellent resolution – increase yield and recovery
For a column of the same specification, the loading of one injection is higher
Reduce yield and load by optimizing column size and reduce costs

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