Old customer Mr. Su ordered glucose kit

- Aug 11,2017 -

Old customer Su teacher ordered Jinyibai cattle glucose (GLU) elisa kit, Su teacher is our old customer of Jin Yibai, before I bought a lot of elisa kits in Jin Yibai, the test results are also very good, so I have been buying elisa kit in Jin Yibai .
Mr. Su came up to ask the manager of Jin Yibai, who is in the qq consultation, is there a bovine glucose (GLU) elisa kit? Our manager, Jin Yibo Li, said after the inquiry, and reported the 48T quotation to him. After the teacher checked, there was no problem and the order was placed.
Nanjing Jinyibai has always been based on honesty, in line with the concept of serving researchers, providing elisa kits with good product quality, providing experiments to those in need, and purchasing Jinyibai elisa kit, providing free testing services and perfect after-sales service. service.

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