Avilamycin Structure and Properties

- Feb 21,2017 -

The molecular formula of avilamycin is C16H88Cl2O32, the molecular weight is 1403, and the avilamycin has 14 structures from A to N. Among the 14 structures, the main function is avilamycin A, followed by Verapmycin B, a commercially available product of avilamycin, is a mixture of avilamycin A and avilamycin B. Avilamycin is a bright tan powder with a musty taste. Its melting point is 181 ~ 182 ° C, slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, avilamycin is a sugar-based oligosaccharide (also called oligosaccharide), after decomposition to produce sugar, it is The only type of feed somatotropin that belongs to the oltosolmycin class.

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